Excellent opportunity to participate in Points of You™ Experiential encounter for introduction price of 10 EUR (VAT included) on July 20, at 7 pm in our office, Burtnieku street 5a, Lielvarde. The length of the game session is around 2 hours.

Discover for yourself this unique and powerful experiential tool – take a time to pause, to reflect about few of 65 life topics, that touch as all, using the photo-therapy cards, stimulate your thinking, discussion, and cooperation with your partner, kids, friends, and, most important, with your own heart.

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Information for professionals: It’s easy to integrate The Coaching game and other Points of You™ tools into any process and adapt to any coaching style or approach. It’s appropriate for use by personal, life & executive coaches, therapists, group facilitators, business and organizational consultants, teachers, counselors, instructors, social workers and anyone else who is interested in expanding their toolkits and introducing a creative, intuitive dimension into their work. Excellent as an ice-breaker and for introductory sessions, for dynamic processes, and as a focus for insights in closure. A hands-on tool that goes beyond talking and makes it possible to touch on significant issues in an effective and non-confrontational manner.

To experience it yourself, call us +37129191782, or sign for a group coaching session using our contact form.

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